Thursday, 21 February 2013

SQL SERVER – Get Server Version and Additional Info

It is quite common to get the SQL Server version details from following query.


Recently I have been using following SP to get version details as it also provides me few more information about the server where the SQL Server is installed.

EXEC xp_msver

But what good is this command if your sql server has expired and you can't even open management studio.
For this situation, use the following option-

When you click on the link below, SQL Server will be started to discover the SQL Server features.

The Installation Center can be launched from the Start Menu, under the SQL Server 2008 entry:

Click on the “Installed SQL Server features discovery report”

Here is the report:

The SQL Server Discovery Report is saved to %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Setup Bootstrap\Log\<last Setup Session>


  • You can also generate the Discovery report through the command line. Run “Setup.exe /Action=RunDiscovery” from a command prompt
  • If you add “/q” to the command line above no UI will be shown, but the report will still be created in %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\100\Setup Bootstrap\Log\20091112_082147.

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